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Liwa Camel Milk P...

Liwa Camel Milk Powder might be a secure substitute if you have milk allergies. This is most likely because camel milk includes a unique protein that isn’t immune-stimulating compared to other dairy products. Children who have other food sensitivities can benefit from camel milk as well.

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Why Camel Milk Powder?

Camel milk is gaining popularity in the UAE due to its unique bioactive and bioavailable ingredients. In fact, camel milk powder is being called a superfood because of the nutritional and health benefits it offers. Camel milk powder is a superior milk powder to cow, goat, and sheep milk, and commercial nut and soy milk powder, for many reasons.

Camel milk is 100% real milk – non-GMO, gluten-free and with no antibiotics or hormones. It’s a light milk powder with a clean, fresh taste; in fact, it tastes similar to cow milk powder.

Camel milk powder can be consumed as milk or used in cooking and baking replacing other types of milk.